MYkonos Greece with iconic windmills
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What to See in Mykonos Greece

Mykonos, a charming island in the heart of the Aegean Sea. This Greek island has beautiful beaches and charming whitewashed buildings.

It is a destination that captivates the hearts of all who visit. The stunning beaches and charming buildings make this island stand out. Visitors find the beauty of this Greek island captivating.

Mykonos has famous windmills scattered across the island. These windmills represent the island’s long history.

The windmills are unique to Mykonos. These charming structures are perfect for sunset selfies. They also offer a glimpse into the island’s agricultural history. Whether you enjoy a world-class resort  or simply visit for a short time as crusie port on yoru Greek Islands Cruise, let us help you discover what to see and do in Mykonos!

Discover the beauty of Mykonos through its picturesque beaches, white buildings with blue accents, historic sites, and famous windmills.

what to see in mykonos

Nestled in the Aegean Sea, Mykonos is a paradise waiting to be discovered. This enchanting island is famous for its charming white buildings, iconic windmills, and the stunning waters of Paradise Beach. Whether you’re looking to relax by the sea or immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife, Mykonos has something for every traveler. With the Euro as its currency, exploring this gem is both easy and convenient for visitors from around the world. Dive into the rich history of Mykonos, from ancient ruins to traditional windmills, this island is a true wonderland of culture and heritage.

what to see in mykonos greece

We visited Mykonos Greece on a Greek Isles Cruise, the best way to see the many gorgeous islands in my opinion!  If you choose to  come to Mykonos directly you can book a direct flight from major cities around the world to Mykonos International Airport. From there, it’s just a short taxi or bus ride to the town center. Another way to arrive is by ferry from Athens or other Greek islands. The ferries offer a scenic journey with breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea along the way.  The best advantage of staying in town you will get to enjoy empty streets in the early morning and later afternoon once the cruise ships leave, which will make it much less crowded and way more relaxing.

With limited time in Mykonos we opted to take a shore excurion. I love that shore excursions allow us to visit all the best spots quickly, efficiently, and with all the background to make it meaningful.  Our excursions was through Royal Carribean directly to ensure if there were any delays the ship would wait for us. We booked the Best of Mykonos tour. The order of your tour stops may vary, but you will see the iconic windmills, charming white washed streets, local church, Delos archeaological park, and have a local lunch.  If they are sold out, you want to book on your own for generally cheaper rates, or you want to wander the easily walkable city by yourself and just take a Delos tour try this one.

mykonos greece iconic windmills in Chora

Best of Mykonos

Start your adventure by visiting the iconic windmills in Chora, the island’s capital. These charming structures overlook the picturesque waterfront and provide the perfect backdrop for a memorable photo.

These traditional windmills, with their whitewashed walls and thatched roofs, have become one of the most recognizable symbols of the island. Dating back to the 16th century, the windmills played a vital role in Mykonos’ agricultural economy, particularly in the production of wheat and bread. Their strategic locations on hilltops allowed them to harness the strong winds that blow across the island, powering the milling process. Today, many of these windmills have been restored and preserved, serving as a reminder of Mykonos’ past and offering a glimpse into the island’s agricultural heritage.

streets of mykonos greece

Next, explore the bustling streets of Little Venice, where colorful houses line the waterfront, offering breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea.

mykonos traditional greek food lunch

mykonos what to do there

We enjoyed a charming local lunch where we got to taste lots of Greek delicacies.

traditional greek group dancing as part of lunch

During lunch the owning family did some traditional group dancing and invited guests to join in. That was a higlight for our kids!

Agios Nikolakis Church
Iconic Agios Nikolakis Church in Mykonos, Greece

One of the most iconic sights in Mykonos are its churches with classic white exteriors and striking blue domes. These picturesque structures dot the island’s landscape, adding to its charm and character. Each church has its own unique architecture and history, making them a must-see for visitors exploring the island. Whether you’re strolling through the winding streets of Chora or admiring the views from afar, the sight of these beautiful churches against the backdrop of the crystal-clear Aegean sea is truly unforgettable.

Monastery of Panagia Tourliani outside

Monastery of Panagia Tourliani

While most of the iconic, hugely photographed churches in Mykonos are rarely open.  We visited the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani just outside of own.

Monastery of Panagia Tourliani inside

Located in the heart of Ano Mera village in Mykonos, the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani is a must-visit for anyone exploring the island. This stunning monastery, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, is a true hidden gem, offering a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the more touristy areas of Mykonos.

As you step inside the monastery, you are immediately struck by the beauty of its architecture and intricate details. The impressive bell tower, the colorful frescoes adorning the walls, and the ornate wooden iconostasis are just some of the highlights that will leave you in awe.

One of the most famous relics housed in the monastery is a miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary, which is said to have been found in the sea by a fisherman. This icon is believed to have the power to heal the sick and protect the island from harm.

kids in front of iconic lions at delos archeaological park in mykonos greece

delos greece

Don’t forget to visit the island’s historic sites, the Delos archaeological site, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is just a short boat ride away. Explore the ancient ruins and learn about the island’s fascinating history. My kids especialy enjoyed all the cats that wander freely around the ruins!

delos archaelogical site
Pictures don’t do it justice, the ancient ruins of Delos with the Aegean Sea as a backdrop is absolutely stunning!

mykonos greece what to see

This tiny island is famous for being the mythical birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, two of the most important gods in ancient Greek mythology. Delos was also a significant religious center in the ancient world, attracting pilgrims from all over to worship at its temples and shrines. But it wasn’t just the religious importance of Delos that made it famous. The island was also a major commercial hub and one of the wealthiest and most prosperous cities in the ancient world. Its strategic location in the Aegean Sea made it a key trading center, connecting the East and West and facilitating the exchange of goods and ideas between different cultures.

Ruins of the Cleopatra House in Delos, Greece

Today, Delos is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, preserving its rich history and heritage for future generations to explore and learn from. The ruins of its ancient temples, markets, and theaters offer a glimpse into the past and provide valuable insights into the lives and beliefs of the people who once called this island home – over 2900 years ago!

well preserved archaelogical site in delos with temples and mosaic floors
The House of the Dolphins: Named for the mosaic depicting dolphins on its floor, this house offers a glimpse into the daily life of a wealthy Delian.

In ancient Greek mythology, Delos was a sacred island believed to be the birthplace of the twin gods Apollo and Artemis. Due to its significance and holiness, it was prohibited for anyone to be born or die on the island. This rule was strictly enforced to maintain the purity and sacredness of the island, as it was believed that any birth or death on Delos would defile its sanctity.

fascinating ruins of birthplace of apollo in delos greece

The legend goes that Apollo and Artemis’ mother, Leto, was chased by the jealous goddess Hera and was unable to find a place to give birth to her children. Eventually, the island of Delos offered itself as a sanctuary, but on the condition that no mortal would be allowed to be born or die there. This decree was taken very seriously, and any pregnant women approaching childbirth or dying individuals were swiftly removed from the island.

The prohibition on births and deaths on Delos contributed to the island’s aura of inviolability and sacredness, further solidifying its reputation as a holy site in ancient Greece.

delos iconic The Terrace of the Lions

what to see and do in mykonos

Delos Island is home to the iconic Terrace of the Lions, a symbol of ancient Greek architectural prowess and mythology. These marble statues of lions once stood proudly overlooking the sacred island, representing strength and power. Today, visitors can still see the remnants of these majestic sculptures, which have become a must-see attraction for history enthusiasts and travelers alike.

mykonos beach in greece

what is there to do in mykonos

Another option for those visiting the island is to relax on one of the island’s many gorgeous beaches. Psarou Beach is a popular choice among celebrities, while Super Paradise Beach is known for its lively beach clubs and parties. Ornos Beach is perfect for families, with its shallow waters and water sports activities.

mykonos greece traditional white washed house with blue door and beautiful flowers

what is there to do in mykonos greece

Be sure to wander the narrow streets of Chora at night, where you’ll discover charming boutiques, art galleries, and delicious restaurants serving traditional Greek cuisine.

One of the main reasons Mykonos has been able to keep its signature white-washed houses is due to strict building regulations. The island’s government has implemented guidelines that require all buildings to be painted in shades of white, helping to preserve the traditional look of the island. Additionally, homeowners are required to regularly repaint their houses to ensure that they remain a gleaming white.

The use of a specific type of paint, known as “whitewash,” also plays a crucial role in maintaining the look of the houses. This traditional paint is made from a mixture of lime, water, and pigment, and is known for its durability and ability to withstand the harsh Greek sun.

The practice of whitewashing houses in Mykonos dates back centuries and is deeply rooted in the island’s cultural heritage. By prioritizing the preservation of this unique architectural style, Mykonos has been able to maintain its enchanting and picturesque allure, drawing in visitors year after year.

mykonos greece

Mykonos was one of my favorite ports we visited. It had such a quaint feel and just oozed charm. The white washed houses dappled with blue doors or church domes were mesmerizing. Plus it had such amazing Greek ruins in nearby Delos – this stop had it all! Don’t miss stopping in Mykonos on your next visit to Greece.

Learn more about our Greece Family Vacation including our other stops!

delos archaelogical site in mykonos greece

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